Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Good, yes, good

A plateau, a wonderful plateau was felt today. I loved my practice. I sweated, breathed, arched back, bowed forward.
I feel fulfilled somehow.

Tomorrow evening I will go to a led class and on Friday I have another Mysore class. Then I will practice alone for a week. It will give me opportunity to take some pictures.

I will nap a bit and then I will continue working on my book despite all the obstacles (which I will describe later). Even obstacle can be helpful. :)


Bettina said...

Ursula, have you ever thought about teaching Yoga? I mean it is already such a big part of your life, why not making also a financial profit with it? I'm just curious about your opinion.

Ursula said...

Thank you Bettina, but this is nothing for me.

Debb said...

You have taught me a lot about yoga (even though thousands of miles separate us)...
you inspire/encourage my headstand with power and pure intention behind your supportive private words.
You are a cyber blessing (if there is such a thing?)..

Ursula said...

Dear Debb, perhaps I am a writing teacher........why not.

I thank you for your wonderful words. :)