Monday, March 08, 2010

Four o'clock now, this was no more a morning practice

It was again a good idea to start my practice with the CD by Sharath. After the standing sequence I practiced second series on my own. I switched the CD on again for the closing sequence.
Two things were different today:
- With one breath I was in parivrtta parsva konasana. It was comme il faut.
- I was able to hold sirsasana as long as counted by Sharath. This was great, I trembled at the end.
The breath: I focus on inhaling only, deep inhaling, exhaling happens from alone. This is very helpful, I think it improves my breathing and the result: I feel refreshed after my practice.
A highlight happened: I was able to come up from laghu vajrasana. I went down and with the next breath I went up, knees drifted apart. I don't care. I dropped back a second time and remained there for 5 breath. The attempt to come up again was in vain. My body didn't move anymore. Hahahahahaha.
Ushtrasana: the first picture shows a preparation. This is helpful to open the upper chest.
Tomorrow I will practice again with the CD by Sharath: it's a great start. It is not easy to be the sun, which means to shine by oneself. Whatever helps me to get me going is allowed.

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