Friday, March 26, 2010

E bought cough syrup

E bought cough syrup. He is the drug specialist among us. "Hahahahah," I thought, " he wants to sleep during the night." He sleeps deeply and not all of my cough attacks wake him up. I cough and I can hear him breathing evenly in most of the cases. This is good.
I feel better than yesterday, but I am not yet 100% recovered. It was difficult to sleep in because of the coughing and at 4am I woke up, coughing, till I gulped the cough syrup and the pastilles. Now I sit here and pearls of sweat are running down my body. This usually does not happen, too.
These colds need a week to disappear, minimum. These colds make us patient.

I will practice at home again. I am ready for a home practice without ambition. I don't care when the breath is not correct. Good is to move the body. My practice yesterday was very good. Primary became easier for me, so nothing can stop me.

I want to go out this evening: penne al'arrabiate with a lot of garlic and chilie with red wine could be good for me. :)

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