Thursday, March 18, 2010


Dhanurasna: The feet are supposed to be together, so it is with the knees. This makes the pose more demanding. The legs push back, then the arching becomes deeper. Dristhi is the nose. I tend to look up when I arch back, then the front frowns. This became a bad habit and shall become my focus next time. The face is supposed to be relaxed.

I read in David Swenson's book (page 12) yesterday and I wanted to know what he says about the dristhis. "Dristhi is a point of gaze or focus, yet it has little to do with our physical sight. The real "looking" is directed inwardly. We may fix our physical sight upon an external object or a specific point on our body, yet truly the dristhi is meant to direct our attention to the subtle aspects of our practice which were discussed earlier, the breath and bandhas as well as the mind."

This is interesting. And this is what I do. When I am in an asana, I check the breath, the bandhas. I will add to check if I have a relaxed face, to smile slightly cannot be wrong.

The 9 dristhis:
1. Nasagrai: tip of the nose
2. Ajna chakra: between the eyebrows
3. Nabe chakra: navel
4. Hastagrai: hand
5. Padhayoragrai: toes
6. Parsva dristhi: far to the right
7. Parsva dristhi: far to the left
8. Angustha ma dyai: thumbs
9. urdhva or antara dristhi: up to the sky

David Swenson finishes his chapter with the words: View your practice through the eyes of dristhi.

And I want to add: Calm eyes, calm the mind.

But today I bend forward, primary is on the schedule.

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