Saturday, March 13, 2010

A day off (from yoga)

Yes, today I do not practice and I need a day off. My body feels a bit (I stress "a bit") sore, I feel my right shoulder. The CD by Sharath is so fast that I cannot be really attentive. For the core asanas I need more time.
Yesterday a yogi and blogger friend recommended the DVDs by Kino MacGreggor. I bought both DVDs (first series and second series). Once a week I like to have a led class. Perhaps it's Kino who will led me through the series now. It is also good to see someone doing the practice who is much more experienced like me. It sounds as if I must justify my purchase. No, this is not the case, I only cannot wait till the DVDs are here. Yep.

I enjoy my day off from yoga. I didn't set my alarm clock. When I woke up, I got up. I can have breakfast already in the morning. I have the feeling as if I have a lot of time.


Marc said...

I went to Kino's studio on Miami Beach and bought her CD and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I plan to buy the 2nd series online, please tell us what you think of it.


Ursula said...

Oh, this sounds good. Yes, I will write about the DVDs. I can't wait till they arrive. They will be shipped today probably and arrive in 2 days.....