Thursday, March 18, 2010

A day for me

Yes, I'm up early. Yep. And the whole day is mine.
Writing, yoga, writing, led class, writing.........this is on my schedule.
I am highly motivated to go on with my book. Yesterday I saw that the one professor has published another book: She has already written a bestseller on becoming slim. She is now fat again and wrote a book that there is a life with size 40 (she has probably 46). But of course. Nevertheless I feel better when I am slim. My thoughts: The topic "weight, health" is a topic that still interests.
Yes, the tax adviser wrote me a very friendly email yesterday, that he gave the job to someone else. I was relieved finally. I know that time has come where I have to start something totally new. When I read the email my heart beat faster. Rejection is rejection. Yesterday I read: Rejection is part of business, don't take it personally. And I don't take it personally. I can handle rejection rather well (I sold insurances for years and made cold calls, this says everything). I get so much positive feed-back. It makes me smile. Yes, I go on. Of course, I am stubborn, not even myself (my lazy and pessimistic parts) can stop me.
Yes, I am awake, yoga first.


Anna said...

Yes! We don't want to be rejected - even we we *don't want* what is on offer! The ego is so HUGE :-)

Anna said...

Should read: "even WHEN we..."