Saturday, March 13, 2010


There are things only I see (obviously) and only I attack it. Also the central heating in the bathroom needs cleaning at least once a year. So it is with the doors and door frames. I also washed my beautiful clothes that require handwash. Yoga made me strong, so this work that needs strength is easier for me. Important is to start. Important is also to finish it. I worked longer than one hour in the bathroom. This shall be enough for now.

I deserve a walk in the city jungle now. I must also buy a hanger and a hand broom and shovel. I am content with my work so far. It's part of life to clean, to care for the surrounding and the stuff that accompanies me in my life.
Where is my lip stick? Time to go out.


Liz said...

Saucha is the most challenging yama for me to practice consistently! But it makes me feel so much better about my world.
Btw, I linked to you in one of my posts, I hope you don't mind.

Ursula said...

I see it like you. I appreciate cleanness, but it takes some effort to have it. Daily routines are here good as well.

Thank you for linking me. It's a compliment. :)

yael said...

I like your blog very much, I read it every day and linked you in my blog roll. thank you for reminding me of cleaning as a senseful thing to do since I had a terrible fight with my boyfriend about this subject today ;-)
greetings from germany and namaste!


Ursula said...

Hi Yael,
Thank you for reading me and thank you for linking me.

The first thing I realize when I enter a hotel room is if it is clean or not and I want it clean. Why not create the same standard at home! It is not easy, but it's worth doing it. When I came home from town, I went to my bathroom and admired my work. It was very satisfying. Happy cleaning! It can be meditation.


yael said...

Hi Ursula, I know exactly what you mean. Today I shouted at my boyfriend, that he finally should clean his study. After he did it he won three chess-games online in a row and he said it was because of the clean space around him :-)