Thursday, March 25, 2010

Better, but not good

The weather is good again, this is true. It shall become even warmer than yesterday, a real summer day. But myself, I feel better, but not good. There happened these aggressive coughing attacks last night again. Endless I coughed. I tried to breathe scarcely, I tried to lie on my belly, on my side, but this didn't influence this coughing. Finally my belly hurt. I wondered if this would build muscles and if this could be good for the asanas. Ah, no, I don't believe this. This coughing is simply annoying, I am out of combat, this is it. I know that this experience will make me thankful when I'll be back to normal again, when I will be strong and flexible again and a bit wild. A few hours I slept at least. This is good.
No led class for me today (so sad), but I will practice here, if possible.

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