Monday, March 15, 2010


Ashtanga yoga means the eight folded path and at the end stands enlightenment. I was searching in my books if I could find some further infos about it. I found a sentence in the book by Sweeney: "The attainment of the state of yoga occurs through effortlessness and grace of Brahma." Ok, let it happen. So far I agree. More next time.

I also read another sentence in the book by Sweeney that shall be my guide today: "Remember to keep your sense of humour. Do not take the practice , or yourself too seriously. Take what you will from every book or teacher that you encounter, but try to keep a light-hearted attitude. The practice may be the vehicle that guides your process, but it is the process that is important.

Today I go again to a Mysore class. M is back. Three times in a row I will practice second series. How I love it.

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