Monday, March 15, 2010

The asanas, yes, the asanas

What has practicing the asanas done for me so far???

My body is rather strong and flexible, this is very helpful in daily life. I can easily turn around when I drive a car. I can lift suitcases and and and....
My opinion about my abilities have changed: There are so many asanas I thought I wouldn't be able to do them. Now I am able to do them. I am sure that this is also true in my life. More is possible than I think.
My possibility to focus and to concentrate on something of my choice has improved.
I learn how to learn.
It's fun to practice asanas, to move the body. To have fun is life quality.

I had an excellent practice this moring, even though the body was stiff in the beginning. At the end I was not able anymore to do a correct push up. I had reached my limits, ah and this is great. Bakasana B is coming, karandavasana shows improvements, too. Yeah, the asanas.......
Yes, yes, yes, it is also true the breath is very hard again. Next time I will imagine a calm day at the sea, soft waves are coming in and going out. Perhaps this helps me to breathe a bit more harmonious not so aggressively.

Yeah, I am happy with my morning.
Shall I meditate now for 10 min. Hahahaha, I will probably take a bath.........I am curious myself what will happen.....oh.

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