Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aggressive painful coughing all night long

I feel awfully, I cannot describe it better. At 12:30am I opened my eyes. Again I woke up coughing: What's the time E? He told me that it was 12:30am and I thought it was in the morning 7am or so. I coughed the entire night and it was painful. This was the valley now, hopefully. But it's better when the cold shows it's face, when it manifests than when it is felt in the bones and does not come out. There is a lot of expression of a cold now. I got up drank water to clear the throat and tried to sleep again. My head is clogged, deep breathing is difficult. I feel like a mountain of misery. Hahahahahaha.

I sit here now, sipping coffee, sweating. The sun is shining outside. Perhaps I will have energy for a walk later. A nightmare this cold. So this was enough self-pity and complaining for today. I slow down and rest and think this is part of life, too.

An interesting aspect from the discussion on the meaning of life a few days ago: It was realized that people usually don't ask for the meaning of life when they feel happy. This is why the conclusion was drawn happiness is the meaning of life.
I don't agree, but it doesn't matter, I think this is an interesting aspect, which explains the importance of many people to feel happy.
I think there is no meaning: This is it. Point.

Ah, to shower, ahhhhhh.


Shelly said...

That definition of the meaning of life being happiness is Aristotelian, and in the Ethics the word "happiness" can be misinterpreted. Comes from the Greek "eudamonia" which can also mean "flourishing"; Happiness is here defined as a complete and sufficient good. An individual is happy in Aristotle's terms when he has lived a fulfilled life. Hope that helps!

Ursula said...

Shelly you are great!!! Yes, they quoted Aristoteles. It was a discussion everything went quick, but you do have profound knowledge in philosophy. My honest admiration. :)