Sunday, February 07, 2010

Yes, yes, a handshake

It was not a morning practice. 10 min I was in savasana at about 4pm.
I could write so much about my practice, but I must cook now. I promised to make a lentil soup.

Mistakes of others help me to improve my own practice. I watched movies, I watched how other Ashtangis are practicing this yoga.
It is so important to see that Ashtanga yoga is not only to be able to do these often exotic asanas. The vinyasas between these asanas are equally important.
How we lift up the arms is also important, not only to take them above the head. Each movement starts from the core of the body. The energy comes from the middle of the body. M had a good example last time. He said that one should hold the toe like shaking hands: Not too hard and not too soft. I would go so far that this is important for the entire practice (I should cook). I watched people doing yoga and there was no tension at all in the body. It was like one of these soft handshakes where the hands scarcely touch (which leaves the feeling the other person does not like to have body contact at all). To cramp is not the right way either. Energy must be felt, it can be seen if someone has tension in the body, positive tension or not. Not too soft, not too hard, that's how it is supposed to be.
I imagine someone dancing and doing a pirouette. It is not only important to turn around several times and that was it. The how is also important.
My focus will remain the breath, to match it with the movement and to do the right vinyasa count.......
In my case I think I must relax the face. My practice tends to be too hard. We have all different challenges. We are all learning.
Some things I learned from the years where I practiced Aikido. The middle is more important than the periphery. How I like to work with the body. Time to cook.

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