Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yeah, I cooked and the recipe blues

Oh, it was good, but I had to improvise a lot. The recipe in the cook books are often of not much use. In the middle of my cooking activities I almost desperated, because I knew it wouldn't be good this meal. I called E. Put everything in the wok and cook it was his recommendation and that's what I did. I like raw food, lively food, but not everything is suitable to eat like it grows on the fields. Carrots are too heavy in the stomach for me when raw.
1. When I read green pepper. I always buy red pepper. Green peppers are not yet ripe. It might look better to the carrots, but they lie usually heavily in the stomach. I got the green color from the parsley.
2. Rasp the carrots, I read, but I rasp them too hoarsely. I realized that it would be very difficult to digest and that we would sit at the table and bite the carrots like cows. This was the moment where I called E. The idea was good to cook everything. I cooked it in white wine.....hahahahaha.
3. To eat this carrot salad with potatoes was also my idea. I mean only to eat some rasped carrots is not a meal.

We were happy with the meal. What I described happens often. It is necessary to have a cook book with tested meals. Cook books are too quickly written and often only written not eaten.
I am too lazy now to write down the recipe. I loved it, but E does not like raisins. I had forgotten it. Oh, this was not nice, but he didn't complain. My, he is sooooo nice.

Nevertheless: also this meal is vegan, we didn't miss anything. It was tasty and we are full. Tomorrow we'll smile when we step on the scales. This is always so when I cook.

Funny: We both took a magnesium. We always take a magnesium when we drink red wine.

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