Friday, February 05, 2010

Wow, I practiced primary with the CD by Sharath

Wow, I practiced primary with the CD by Sharath and I was able to follow from the beginning to the end. He whipped me through all the vinyasas and asanas of the first Ashtanga series. When I was finally in yoga mudra I felt so softly like caramel pudding. I'm deeply satisfied now.

Critical mind is not sleeping, but it is more an analysis than critic:
I was very good at the vinyasa count. Only when it came to marichyasana C and D I needed more time to get into the asana. I held my wrist and then Sharath had already counted till 4. Good was also my jumping forward. The feet touched the floor only slightly. To jump backwards was not so good. Navasana I did only 3 times. I was not able to hold uttplitihi. This tells me that my abdomen are still not strong enough. In order to practice jumping backwards without touching the floor, navasana and uttplitihi for 10 long breaths strong abdomen are needed. I was also too weak to hold headstand as long as counted.
But all that is of minor importance. I could do this speedy practice. Wow.

Finally I set my meditation clock for 10 min. I relaxed for 10 long minutes. I deserve it I thought.

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