Friday, February 05, 2010

What to write...

Since half an hour I'm thinking now what to write. Several topics were in my mind. One was why to read my blog. Another one was on how to categorize my books. Another topic was the mind and why meditation has not so much to do with enlightenment (no one can get enlightened, this must be clear!). Another topic was the now and the redundant effort to teach people to get in the now. Ah now a decision is made. It is the NOW:

NOW: there is only now. No effort is needed to be in the now. This is only what exist. Also when I think of past stories it happens in the now. I can direct the mind to be aware of the senses and what they smell, taste, see, here, fine. This of course can only be done NOW. It is using the mind, giving him a task, a direction. NOW. Everything happens NOW. I am no more so convinced not to dream at all. Why not. It depends how much time is used for this, how much dreaming happens. Dreamed stories can give ideas what to do, it can be stuff for a novel. Creative people have a lively mind. Why only listening to the noise of the neighbours. It is wonderful that some people can dream a new song that does not yet exist, which has to be written. The mind can be used in so many ways. How to use the mind is the question, and not how to be in the here and now, as only this is possible. It is not possible to be in the future or in the past. It is possible to think of the future NOW. It is a difference.
This topic was inspired by David Carse "perfect brilliant stillness".

(Have I expressed myself understandable, I wonder.)

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Garp said...

How can you be sure that nobody can get enlightened? May you should write about that?