Thursday, February 18, 2010

Was this a morning practice?

I was on my mat on time. Practice started very good. Body was even flexible. Focus was the right vinyasa count. I practiced till marichyasana C. Then it was time to wake up my E. It came that I sat with him for a while on the bed. I preferred to talk to him a bit. He is so busy. When we have time for each other I always appreciate this. Quickly the minutes went by. When he was ready to leave the house, my body was cold again, no more flexible, it has tightened.
When I want to go on with my practice I have to start with a few suryas again. I am not so in the mood to start again. I will shower and then I will do pranayama and I will sit for 10 min. Usually these two practices are not sweaty ones. Another shower afterwards won't be necessary.
In the evening I will go to a led class. This shall be enough yoga for today.

I will meet a dear friend during lunch. I am looking forward to this event.

Book recommendation: There are yoga books on the market that are not on Ashtanga yoga. Yes this exists and there are good ones available, too. One of these books is by Steve Ross (a yoga teacher in LA, I think) "Happy yoga". It's a book not only on asanas. But also on inner yoga, eating, pranayama, meditation. The subtitle of the book is: 7 reasons why there's nothing to worry about.

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