Saturday, February 13, 2010


Second coffee is necessary to wake up.
The show of the Brazilian woman was hot yesterday evening when we were out for dinner. She asked men to dance with her on the table. She moved her body more exciting than these men this was predictable, but she managed it to have at the end 10 men on the table and they all tried to circle the backside like she did. We human beings are animals, 99%, I thought. An almost naked woman, she was very generous here, some explicit sexy body movements and we are all happy (at least for a while).
We had fun with our table neighbours, too. The woman next to me loved my perfume. "She has a wonderful perfume", she said to E. "Do you appreciate it, she puts it on because of you." We laughed because E does not care so much about perfumes. "He prefers my natural smells," I told her voluntarily. But she so loved my perfume. I couldn't convince her that my sweat smells better than this perfume. "What is it, what is it", she wanted to know. "It's so soft and warm". She wanted to test how it smells on her skin, but I haven't had it in my handbag. I told her what it was: Fifth avenue. Today she will buy it, I'm sure.
Age was a topic, too. Her daughter wanted to celebrate her 30 birthday in the Greece restaurant. I thought she was 20, which she loved. The mother didn't like her own age, she said: "The best sentence I've heard lately was the one of Senta Berger and her husband: "Each time when we look in a mirror we are shocked." First I thought Senta Berger is shocked when she looks at herself in the mirror and her husband is also shocked when he looks at her. But the husband is shocked when he sees himself. The heart remains young my neighbour was convinced. But she seems to feel like Senta Berger: To look in a mirror is shocking. Hahahahaha.
It was loud in the restaurant, but smoking was forbidden.
Late we were in bed yesterday.

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