Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Up, later as planned

When I sleep longer, I need more sleep. (hahahahaha) 7:30am is still a good time to get up. I have my coffee next to me. I enjoy it consciously every morning: oh, the black poison, I think.
I had a yoga break of 2 days. This can be good for the body. The morning is dedicated to my journal and yoga and chores. The suitcase is still unpacked. Work is direct under my nose.

Thinking of the birthday party last Sunday: HH is now in pension. He made a very satisfied impression. I almost became jealous. But I do not have a regular work, too. I quickly think that others have to work, when I see that they have no work anymore, but I do not work either. I remain stubborn, I want to find something that I like. Later more on that topic, on that red thread of this blog. Work is part of life. This wasn't supposed to be the topic of this blog, but as it is, I write about it here, too. I am again full of energy. and ideas. Later more. HH will have an occupation after his job life. He has his animals. The ox from last summer (perhaps some of the readers remember) is dead already, he is in the refrigerator and he tasted well, I was told. HH got this ox Hansi and nourished him and brought him up even with a bottle. HH admired this ox and I had the feeling he even loved him a bit. Last summer we had to go to a field in the middle of the night to admire this showpiece. But this creates no problem for him to eat him half a year later. This is not really understandable for me. This is among other things the occupation of HH: to bring up oxes and then to slaughter them and then to eat them. I was assured that the ox had not to suffer when they killed him. I was described how they did it. I hope it is true that he hadn't to suffer, it was a wonderful ox.
HH is also grandpa now. 4 months is the little one that we all could admire, a sweet boy.
I missed "uncle H" at the party, a man full of humor. Now he is in hospital but not at all happy, not only not with his hips, that created the trouble, but of course also with the atmosphere in a hospital.

Illnesses is a topic on birthday parties when the average age is above 40. When I listen to these stories I always remember what Danny Paradise said on a workshop: Life needn't to aggravate only because we get older. Yoga can be a key to a healthy active life till the end.

Time to be active, time to wake up my bf with a kiss or two, time for a second cup of coffee, time for my private journal and time to do yoga afterwards........:)

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