Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To learn how to learn

When practicing anything we learn how to learn. Most of the time this is not the focus but a side product. To make it a topic might help to learn faster and easier.
(This is one of my main critic on the school system how I experienced it. We should learn something but nobody tought how to learn it.Visualization i.e. can help to remember vocabulary.)
I distract: back to Ashtanga yoga.
On the surface I want to learn a new asana btw. I see the final form, but the approach to that asana is interesting. How to learn it is the important question. Which techniques are helpful. There are a lot of supporting techniques.
Repetion is surely a keyword. Other keywords are breathing, bandhas. It is helpful to stay longer in the asanas. To relax when feeling the limits is important. Also to visualize can help.
(Never imagine dropping back into urdhva dhanurasana before sleeping. This guarantees difficulties in sleeping in. I speak from experience. Not only once I woke up again because I feared I couldn't hold my body when I dropped back.)
No matter how long we practice we all face challenges. I can make out only one difference: When practicing longer on a regular basis it is possible to approach the own limits much closer.

To divide an asana into little steps can be helpful as well.
Watching movies and studying how others do it, taking pictures and studying them are helping tools as well.
Blocks, blankets and straps can be helpful, too, even though this is a tabu in the community.
To know that with the inhaling we lengthen the body and with the exhaling we go deeper into the asanas is crucial. To lenghten the body creates space.

Plan for tomorrow: I will practice primary at home, probably without CD. I will go to a led class in the evening this shall be enough listening and performing. Tomorrow is forward bending day.

Did I all know this in my first Ashtanga year? I think in my first year I was busy to copy the asanas.

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