Thursday, February 04, 2010

There is a warrior in me.......hahahahaha

It is funny to go through my bookshelves:
Yes, there is a warrior in me (a book title). I try to wake her up.

If it shall be writing for the next months and selling the book which is not yet written, what is my expertise I wondered this morning. How can I make money with the written word? I needed clarity this morning, an approach to that topic and might it be a modest one. What do I know about writing, what have I written so far?

- I write my private journal for a decade. It is so not at all good. I jump from topic to the next. It is without any systematic. I only write. Despite this chaos this journal was very helpful for me. Once I read: writing saved my life. I could say this, too. I never felt a writer's block here. Nobody judged the result not even me, perhaps this is one of the reasons why it is so easy-going.
- I write this blog. Almost 4000 (!) posts were published since the middle of 2006. It seems to be fun for me. (Have I nothing else to do???) I don't want to say anything about the quality, some obviously like to read what I write. I never felt a writer's block. LOL. Sometimes I have to hold me back not to write about everything.

That's it.

Here and then I was motivated to improve my writing skills, see books. This morning I went through my bookshelves to collect all the books on writing. There are still some books hidden, I am sure. I also have an online book: How to write a book in a month or so is the title. It is a good one, I must get back to it. Many books are on novel writing, how to produce litterature. It is not yet the time for story writing. It shall be a "how to book" what I will write. We all know already, it is on how to stay slim, which is not the title.

I also went to a creative writing workshop last summer, which was great and I learned a lot. Be lively, I remember. Delete what is redundant. The first sentences are supposed to be exciting.

To be precise is one of the recommendations I try to remember all the time when I write: Once I opened a book by Catherine Deneuve, this beautiful French actor. It was a book about her life, an autobiography. I read: The party was boring. Why I screamed silently in the book store. Why Cathy was the party boring for you??? Did you miss your favourite stalker? Or was the food lousy, because you missed the roast pork? I am sure what Catherine D. finds boring needn't to be boring for me. But perhaps it is, but I want to know. The word "boring" tells me nothing.

Beside all these writing recommendation, I give myself one:
It is not necessary to be a good writer in order to make money with a book.

Once I read: A speaker was in front of a group of economy students. He asked them who can make better hamburger than those which are available at McD. They all were sure, they could. But who makes more money with that food, he asked?

(Side mark: McD does not make the most money with food, but with real estate, but this company surely makes more money with it than the students).

Shall the cafes here in Munich be my offices for the next month.
I am ready now for a yoga practice.

Further planned activities: I need a book shelf. This is true. Hahahahaha. Also books want a home.
Something funny at the end: Darling, I said to E, I want to write a book and make money with it. He supports "almost" everything that I want to do. I went on, because he seemed to be busy: What are you doing right now? He: I'm writing an article for a magazine. I need money for our trips.......I said nothing to it. He makes already money with writing (not only, but also). He is a man of action. Action is the secret. Action. Action. NOW.


Anonymous said...

You are right. The Da Vinci Code was one of the most badly written books I have ever read and look how much money that book made !


rhh said...

Many thoughts and ideas in this post. If you are going to write your book, remember why your blog is successful.

Like many people, you have an expertise (in this case, yoga) that a large number in our population either is involved in, or is taking up as our body’s age. On your blog, you seems to have found a ‘style’ that allows us to realize that one does not have to be the twenty something we see in many of the yoga magazines, but a 40 – 50 year old person who looks years younger because she takes care of herself. Because you write well and add pictures to your site, it’s no wonder that lots of people like your blog.

Added to this yoga lifestyle, we find out that you lead an interesting life. (Here is a BIG strength of your writing). Reading your blog, even the ‘ordinary’ becomes interesting – as you say in your profile. This is a very strong ‘value added’ factor.

There certainly is a genre for this type of book. I would suggest you think of using your blog writing skills and concepts to turn it into a book.

This is what I had previously suggested to our mutual friend Cara. I thought her “Trips to India” were worthy of a book, and encouraged her to write it – starting with her blogs. I will ask again in several weeks when I see her if she has done anything. BTW: Here is a thought – Perhaps you two could co-author a book!!!

Added thought – as one who also keeps a journal, this would provide and additional mix into the story telling.

rhh said...

I was looking at your picture of all your books (at least their spines), and one book that jumped out was Ira Progoff’s “At A Journal Workshop.” As a long time novice student of Jung, I assume you knew Progoff was an original student of Jung.

Noting this and knowing that you are a long time ‘journal keeper’, have you ever followed the suggestions of Roberto Assagioli – a contemporary of Jung -- in journal keeping? For a time in the US (1960 – 1980) Assagioli’s works was big in the Transpersonal Psychology movement. However, it seems that group has become part of the larger Jungian movement, and journaling has played a lesser role (my perspective).

This seems backwards to me since I always felt that my journaling was an enormous aid in my understanding of the unfolding in my daily life – and how I participated actively in it. One Jungian psychotherapist I blog with begins each year by reading her past last years journal.

If so moved, I would be interested in your detailed thoughts regarding journaling; especially if you incorporate much yoga into it, spiritual practice, etc. I know you have referred to it in a ‘general way’ a number of times on this blog. BTW: My favorite person who journaled extensively was the Trappist Monk, Thomas Merton. Reading his published 7 volume journals is quite an experience.

Ursula said...

Thank you very much for the compliments. Your first comment inspires me to a post.

Journaling: Julia Cameron brought me to journaling. Let me summarize: I got the idea, started writing and never stopped.

I have not so much to do with Jung. The quoted book is very demanding. I had no time for it to be honest.