Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The sun is shining......

Buh, I wrote a lot this morning, my last post was rather long. I am really awake now. Time to write my private journal. My morning pages remain important. Afterwards I will practice yoga. I looked at my watch, because I've set myself a time limit for all my practices. At noon my yoga practice should be finished. Exceptions allowed. I got up at 7, it's 8:30 now, there is still plenty of time for everything, so everything is perfect in paradise. Hahahahaha.

In the afternoon E and I will go downtown to eat Krapfen. It is carnival here and many people wear a masquerade here in Bavaria. It's fun to observe. Each year I think I will masquerade next year, too, but except using a boa I did nothing by now. I discarded my boa last year, so this year I won't even have a boa.........:)


Anna said...

I wish I was there! I want to see the carnival and eat Krapfen too! Nothing happening here :-(

Ursula said...

Catholic areas usually celebrate carnival. When I used to live in Berlin there was nothing, too.