Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still in trance

I am up, sipping my cafe. I feel still tired. In 5 min I will shower. To think of the water on my body is still not an uplifting thought. Only the thought to remain in bed cheers me up. But I have something better planned. I will go to the Mysore class. It's my last day of the week where I practice second series. I wished I had already lost these 2 kg, but it is not easy. Then pashasana would be easier, ah I go so far to say the entire practice would be easier. I will go back to a strict vegan diet.
This snow company drives me crazy. I am convinced it is not necessary to make such a noise. I looked out of the window and I realized that it has snown again. I have to dress warmly.

Focus today: a relaxed face.


Jess said...

I need to work on relaxing my face as well. I always tense my forehead and it makes such a different in my practice once I remember to relax.

It's snowing in NYC too :)

Ursula said...

Best is when the practice looks as if it is totally easy and relaxing......:)
It's a long way to go......

Yes, this consoles me when it is snowing in NYC....:)