Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Status update: my book

Day 3:
2 tasks were given today by Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards:
The first was to do a brainstorming, either in a journal or in a word document. I used a blog (not public). It's psychological helpful for me to pretend to write a blog. I made a dash and wrote what came into my mind, next line, I started again with a dash and so on. It was a mess, my mind was jumping form one topic to the next, but the mental juices were running. I wrote down everything that came into mind. I think I created a useful reference when I finally start to write.

The second task was to write a sales letter. Ah. The idea to write the sales letter first is so good. I have the book in my mind, I can also write the sales letter first. But what flew to paper (in my post) was a mess and not at all something that I would call a convincing letter. It doesn't matter. Tomorrow I will try this exercise again. I will imagine how I can convince E to buy my book. At the end I had a result: I think I know now how to structure the contents. This is much, but the sales letter, let's see what will happen tomorrow.

I am happy that I worked on my book. I don't know how long I worked. I don't care at all. I know how difficult it is to have the self-confidence to work on it. It all seems so banal and even embarrassing. I feel like a moral apostle, and this I don't want to be. But I will judge the whole book at the end. Then I can decide if I have to rewrite it, if I have to throw it away or what else I will do with it. It's not yet the moment for such profound decisions.

A plan is made: Tomorrow I will work on the sales letter again.

E invited me for dinner. Of course I want to accompany him. We go to the Indian restaurant. The second one round the corner.
The rules:
To eat the vegetables, not so much from the rice and the naan bread.
To stop eating when full
To drink water would be good, but I don't want to preach water and drink wine. I know myself. Indian food is rather fat, a wine is good with it.
I love to talk, so I usually don't eat so fast, because I don't speak when my mouth is full of food - hahahahahaha. Most of the time I take care of this at least. I feel faster when I'm full that way.
I have a motivation not to eat too much - I want to be able to do pashasana tomorrow morning when I am at the Mysore class.


Marie said...

It sounds like you are off to a really good start! Turn off your editor for now, and just write.

Ursula said...

I feel energy and I am busy, this is good. Let's see where this will lead me.....:)
How are you?
Best wishes to you.

Guenther said...

Books about getting slim are as plenty full as cook books and are always in demand even if no one uses them after a while

Ursula said...

Hahahaha, I fear you are right....:)