Saturday, February 20, 2010

Status update: my book

How to stay slim with only one whatever a day!
Ahhhhh, at least one young male reader got the message. It feels so good to be understood. Yes. My book is about finding passion in life, it is about a life style of quality and fun. It's not about eating another fat-free yoghurt that is supposed to make you slim how the promotion wants to tell us. Find a passion that makes you forget to eat. One passion can be enough, but it is allowed to have more.........
From time to time to feed the body is necessary, yes. Be picky and learn to say no thank you. Nowadays we eat too often, too much and the wrong stuff. Live a life that makes you forget what is in your fridge and you will become slim the easy way.
My book is about healthy habits, fun living and not about dieting.
Was that a summary???
PS: The bikini is faux fur. Of course.

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