Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Status update: my book

I work with a book that I've bought years ago: It is 7day eBook by Jim Edward & Joe Vitale. Both are very successful.
So the reason to right my book is surely to make money with it. J&J wrote that if one wants to make money with a "how-to" book it is crucial to find a niche. This frustrated me. I wanted to write a book for everybody who is overweight. I felt that the authors are right. But this frustrated me even more because what should be my niche, my defined target group. Frustration comes, frustration goes. I had an idea: why shall not be the baby boomers be my target group. They are around 50, a bit younger a bit older. I know the issues of this group as part of it and I know the language.
Solve a problem of the people, is the next recommendation. Search the net: google groups, amazon, and find out which words they use which problems arise and give the solution. OK, I searched the net, and I don't think that the result was so effective. But I got the message: I write a book someone shall buy, so I must address his/her issues not mine and it is good or necessary for survival to use their language, their key words.
If you can give solutions for several issues people usually have your book is likely to be more successful. Think about it, they (J&J) advised: Usually people like to make more money, they want to save time, they want to be healthy. I think I will be able to find a combination: Living according to my recommended life style saves money: I wouldn't have mentioned it in my book, but I know it is a good point. To live without meat is cheaper. To drink water instead of sugar drinks is cheaper, too. ...........

Give information the reader can use quickly, I read. Also this sentence helped me. My book needn't to be long and complicated. Most people need quick help and info that are easy to digest. One chapter I think must contain as a summary all the life style changes that help to stay slim. Life style changes sound so big, but it isn't. To drink water instead of sugar beverages is not such a big shift, but effective.

The tasks: Define the problem. How did I find a solution? Finally: how can people who read the book save money, make money, avoid effort, achieve better results in their life.

I am convinced that all this work that I do now makes sense before the actual writing process.

Solving problems: Another thought comes up, that I still consider interesting. Really helpful it would be to accompany people for a while to assure that these life style shifts become habits. But how to do it? Why not open a blog. Those who like to work with the book or also without the book can buy the password for a month for let's say 10 Euro. It can be a discussion forum. Groups are always supportive. Will people pay for this? I think it is an idea that I shouldn't discard. It's the same like with my book. I can only fail. It's not life-threatening to try to find people who are willing to use this possibility to stay committed.
(I can see myself already sitting in one of the cafes of this world, discussing eating habits and feeling good because I make even money with it. Oh.)

With each new post here I have the feeling I make myself a bit more ridiculous. I think this is part of the writing process in general. It needs courage to write. One makes oneself vulnerable. Might it be so. I love to write despite all the mixed feelings that come up.

PS: The book is in German language first. It has to be. To got it translated is planned of course.


Anna said...

Ursula - these are all good ideas. I am interested in nutrition and health and as you know have struggled with veganism but pursued it because it makes me feel better in my body (and therefore my mind). I would be interested in reading your book - I hope it will include something about you and your path to health as well. The biographical element is so important I think. The books I buy and most enjoy (and from reading other people's comments on, say, Amazon, I see this is important for them too) are those that include the *personal* angle. You need to make yourself come to life in the book or it will just be a book on veganism. Your selling point will be veganism - and you.

Anonymous said...

I love your target audience because that is me.. a baby boomer searching for inspiration, tips, advice on getting healthfuly slim, and I agree with Anna, share yourself in the book, as you do so well on this blog. I would buy when it is in English... I also like the possibility of posting short (5 minute) videos on a website. I hope you feel inspired to continue, I think you have a gift for writing because you are so willing to share openly.

rhh said...

Good start. I would say that the book will be "about you."

The book will (can) appeal to the 40 and older group. Besure to include some pictures of yourself so they can see living proof of what a healthy lifestyle (and yoga) will do.

More thoughts as they come to me.

Now, just keep writing!!! The finished product will come later.

Ursula said...

Thank you thank you for the feed back and the input. This is very helpful.

Stories is the thing. My story. But stories in general are more interesting than preaching, of course, I will remember this......