Friday, February 05, 2010

A restaurant visit happened

I was round the corner in the restaurant with the Russian owner or waiter, I don't know what function this man has there. But he is very polite and committed. I always want an extra sausage, today it was that I wanted the vegetable without this Feta cheese. It is possible there.
I read my Zelinski: What is success for you he asked: This has surely changed over the decades. Health first, I think. This is why my Ashtanga yoga practice is so important. It comes first. I want to have a life that allows me to take a nap in the afternoon. These are only 2 ingredients of a succesful life for myself nowadays. I want to make more money than the average income here, surely. This is also important. Success for me means to have the time to escape when I wish to. It needn't be the great escapes like travelling to India, it can be a visit of one of the saunas in the hotels here downtown.

Ah, my afternoon nap was great. I slept so deeply under my brown soft blanket.

Is tomorrow my yoga free day?????? Yes it is.
Cleaning marathon is on the schedule.
I could already do some space clearing. To become essential, to simplify everything is so good.


rhh said...

You wrote: "to simplify everything is so good." Very true.

Also, you mentioned Balsekar Ramesh earlier. I just checked on line, and I see our library has only his "The Ultimate Understanding." Any thoughts on that book?

Anna said...

We have the same goals:- number 1 is health and nutrition; number 2 is to have plenty of time to read think, walk and tend to my home; number 3 is green simplicity; number 4 is to have an income from something.