Monday, February 15, 2010

The rent for my office today

It works for me to work in cafes. I get going. Tomorrow is carnival, it's perhaps not the best day to sit in front of a PC in a cafe. But I will repeat these working sessions outside of my home, might it be reading or writing what I want to do. I had even internet access for free. It needn't to be a library. I can be prolific when among other people. In Germany one can sit very long in front of a coffee in the same cafe. It's not like in the US where they bring the bill with the beverage.
And the tea with fresh mint leaves was wonderful.


Anna said...

That's what I always love about European (including British) cafes - you can drink your drink and sit and sit and sit and nobody tries to get you to leave. I really enjoy sitting and watching the world and thinking... Shame there's no cafe near me at the moment.

Ursula said...

I love the cafe culture here. Starbucks cannot compete with this individual cafes that we have here, where we can sit for hours and hours.