Monday, February 15, 2010

Quickly I am enthusiastic.....

Worldwide are a lot of fantastic teacher in the meantime and they all offer workshops, which is great. Quickly I am enthusiastic.......

Stepping back I know that for me a daily practice in the morning is best. The combination that I have now: 3 Mysore classes with an excellent teacher who knows the limits and possibilities of my body, 3 practices at home and sometimes in addition a led class in a yoga studio is enough for me. It cannot be better for the moment. I experience my yoga practice as exciting, I am highly motivated to do the practices every morning. It is for my health and this has a number one priority in the meantime.
Workshops can be inspiring. It is a possibility to meet new yogis/yoginis. I know. New unexpected things happen always.
In my case I am very happy with what is.
My motivation to attend workshops is rather low.

I also want to spend my time with E. when he has vacation. And E is not a yogi, will never be and this is absolutely OK. We have fun when we do navasana together. But this was it.

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