Thursday, February 04, 2010

The power of the unconsciousness

Richard B. reminded me (book: Trance-formation): He has so convincing examples. Tell yourself that you want to get up the next day at 5am and your unconsciousness will wake you up, he wrote. I know this is possible. Here we call it the inner clock, but it is the unconsciousness that is still alert and is able to perform tasks.

When planning it makes sense to plan the evening before. Then the unconsciousness supports the enterprises........(a lot is planned for today, I'm curious what will happen today. Perhaps my unconsciousness didn't listen yesterday, but perhaps it did. Hahahahaha. Life is unpredictable.)
Regarding yoga a lot is planned today: This morning I will step on my mat here at home. Whatever helps is allowed. I will practice with the CD by Sharath till the middle part. I want to practice second series today. This evening I will go to a led class, then it will be primary that we exercise. From time to time I want to see people, I must go out.
Time to write my journal and time for my second coffee (my cups are small).

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