Saturday, February 06, 2010

People become ill and some die

Everybody dies one day. Illnesses are part of life.
I just had a phone call with my mother: She informed me about the death of a son of acquaintances of her. He was sixty something. Nowadays I'd say this is rather young. Also at the birthday party of HH, illnesses were a topic and death, too. These stories are reminders for me not to postpone anything in my life (if possible). It is a reminder to enjoy life, whatever it is. It can be the coffee in the morning. It needn't be these big events like standing on the Mount Everest. One day it is over for all of us. The death is a good adviser. I read it and I don't get tired to spread this message. What would you do if you knew that you have only one week to live from now on is the question. Would I update my blog? Yes, I would, hahahahaha. I love to write.
I know that all this death and illnesses are part of life, nevertheless I feel a certain reluctance to listen to these stories. "He had to go through a lot in his life." No money, losing jobs, the wife died from cancer too early, illnesses, pain. Are there people who have good lives and others have difficult lives?
A few days ago I got an email. I read: I don't envy you. The reason for not wanting my life was my job situation. Searching a job and writing applications was considered as not desirable. I do neither the one nor the other. I don't write: but I should. Something else is in my mind now than working as an employee.....I must follow another voice for the time being.
Do I have a good life? I don't want to have the life of someone else, this is for sure. Perhaps I got used to myself after 50 years with myself all the time????? hahahaha. Not everybody would like my life, I know this. Does anybody want the life of anybody else? If the answer is no, we can be all in peace with what is. In my case: I do not even want to be younger.

To enjoy what is with awareness, is probably the only thing we can do. Many things can be enjoyed. It can also be a walk downtown.
And again I am reminded: We have no control over our life, what we think. Life happens, attitudes happen, actions happen, laziness happens, thoughts happen. Everything is out of control.

I finish these upcoming thoughts with a quote from the book by David Carse "perfect, brilliant stillness", page 189: " Suffering and pain raise questions like nothing else does. Inquire into it; investigate it. The "Why?" question gets nowhere, that is only the ego/mind seeking for nonexistent control. It will never be satisfied, and leads only to resentment and more suffering. Instead, investigate into the suffering. Who is it that is suffering? From whose perspective is this unacceptable?
Buddha said, samsara is dukha. Taking the dream to be real is not what causes suffering; it is the suffering. The only possible solution to the question of evil and suffering is to see through the illusion. Suffering in all its forms is the greatest invitation to awaken, and it is never far away."


Anna said...

This is such a good post Ursula (except where you wrote "loosing job" haha). I am sure many people judge my life - "she's not out working - what does she do all day?" "It's not normal." It's rubbish of course - we all tread our own path. Mine at the moment doesn't include applying for positions on the turbo-capitalist treadmill - ha!

Anna said...

PS. Was that the book gift from E.?

Ursula said...

Anna please forgive me. You have such high hopes......OMG.

Ursula said...

This morning I asked E if he liked to have my life: The answer was no. Hahahahaha.

Nobody wants to have the life of another person......

rhh said...

Ursula wrote: “Many things can be enjoyed. It can also be a walk downtown.”
Periodically, your blog post has a terrific ‘line’. The above is one. After being retired for 8 plus years, one of my biggest enjoyments is ‘walking to the public library – which is downtown.’

Being an academic town, the library is first class and always a treat. It is 3.6 miles (5.8 km), so it is also good exercise.

It’s simple, and I can watch the changes from week to week – especially from spring to fall. Life is good.

Ursula said...

Oh, that's nice. I really love to walk. It is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

This post was a good reminder. I come in and out of that mindset (of actualizing that it's all going to end someday).. and I was most definitely in need of a reminder, as of late... Cheers.