Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh, everything was so serious

I am glad that I am no more in my twenties. Everything seemed to be so serious and real.

I quote: " Basically either there is seeing or there isn't, either the veil is dropped or it isn't. Just being a mystic or a yogi or a shaman of course means little: more dream roles for more dream characters. As long as there is anyone here to understand, there is not understanding. As long as there is anyone here to awaken, there is not awakening. .......

There can only be the shift in perception to see maya, the unreal, as unreal."
(David Carse, "perfect, brilliant, stillness, page 95 ff.)


Véronique said...

Ahhh you looked so sad.
Were you into yoga then?

Ursula said...

I loved it to look sad, serious.
All the problems of the world were mine. I'm glad that I gave up to think so.....:)

Ursula said...

Yoga was so different that time. I cannot remember anymore. I think it started a bit later....but yoga hasn't changed my view of the world. Other forces did that. But don't asked, I wouldn't be able to name you the forces. Only change is permanent.

rhh said...

Ursula -- you last comments reminds me of the following quote:

'Zen pretty much comes down to three things -- everything changes; everything is connected; pay attention.'
(Jane Hirshfield)

Ursula said...

That's a nice quotation....:)