Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No escape

"It's fantasy. Listen. There is no escape. What you want to be free from, what you reject, what you want not to be, want your teachers not to be, is It. Is Presence, is Consciousness. This, here. No one needs a spiritual teacher, certainly not one on a pedestal, to show them something else. There is nothing else. Judging it 'dark side' or 'light side' is the illusion. If you're not disillusioned with your spiritual teacher, he isn't doing his job. A spiritual teacher worth his or her salt is in the dis-illusion-ment business." (David Carse "perfect, brilliant stillness, page 244)

Me too, I want to quote from time to time.

The voice becomes louder and louder: Go to your office around the corner, this little cafe. In this U-thing the thoughts happen that she must write a book on how to stay slim because she expects a certain financial independence from it. What a fantasy........
Energy will manifest.

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