Friday, February 12, 2010

Namaste, have a nice weekend

When I leave the yoga room on Fridays I usually turn around when I reach the door that leads to the entrance room. My hands are in prayer position in front of my body, I bow forward (a bit only) and I say: Namaste, thank you, have a nice weekend. When my yogis/yoginis are in relaxation pose or busy with an asana, I whisper it only and leave the holy place silently.

Weekend: Something is planned for this evening. E and me will go to the smokers club (!), our Greek restaurant. On Friday and Sunday they have shows. A woman usually is dancing on the table, often it is belly dance. Usually we go at 6pm, then we are sure that we get a seat without reservation and people are not yet allowed to smoke. Smoking is allowed from 9 pm on. But then, believe me you can see the addicts. Sharp nine everybody has this cigarette in the mouth, blowing the smoke into the air. Because of this we eat earlier usually, but this means we miss the show. Today we have a reservation at 8pm. We will get it all: the show and the smoke......:) It is carnival here......

PS: This is probably not the last post this weekend. The title could sound like a good-bye for a few days. No, no.........I'll write to you soon......hahahahahaha.


Claudia said...

do people smoke in it? like cigars?

Ursula said...

99% or even a bit more smoke cigarettes, but one after the other.
There are not many places here anymore where people are allowed to smoke. They all meet where it is allowed and these are these restaurants that became smokers clubs.
Usually the restaurants have a chair or two outside and of course ashtrays no matter how cold it is. :)

I am glad that I gave up smoking. I don't like the smell anymore now.