Saturday, February 06, 2010

Me, the lady of the dust

Each time when I clean I wonder how others handle all that housework. I am glad that I have help today for the basic stuff like cleaning the bathroom, the floors, the windows. But me too, I am busy to simplify my life and I am busy to clean. I went through my wardrobe. I cleaned the floor there and I could discard a pair of shoes. Each time when I am in parivrtta parsvakonasana I saw my dirty wardrobe wall. This dirt is now removed, too. Some dirt only I see. Others simply overlook it. The desk is my workplace. I crawled under the desk today. OMG, mountains of dust were there. Were!!! I was also active in the kitchen. I went through my spices. Old pills had to go.
All this housework can be categorized:
There is space clearing, only I can do this. So it is with organizing. But there is also cleaning.

E lies on the bed while we 2 ladies are cleaning the home. "You are a pasha," I just told him with a smile. "I like you", he answered.
In the end I am glad that I have so much energy to do all this. It is a qualification, not appreciated by everyone, but it is a qualification.

This evening I am invited for dinner from my pasha. Then I can gulp down all that dust.
Time to search a recipe for my meal tomorrow. Till 8 pm I have time to buy some ingredients.

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