Sunday, February 14, 2010

Like a rucksack

1:30 pm: I've just finished my morning practice. It was a playful one. I tried to put my leg behind the head after supta kurmasana. It is important that the leg is not behind the head or on the neck, the leg is supposed to be behind the back (like a rucksack, metaphor is from Gregor Maehle). Then the pose can become comfortable. That's what I tried today to bring the lower leg deeper behind the back. I practiced different versions: Both legs behind the head while lying on the back. One leg behind the head while sitting. Repetition is always helpful and each time I could get deeper into the pose.

Marichyasana A can be seen on the picture. The chin can move forward a bit. Dristi is not the shin, but the foot. I tried to stretch the arms and I tried to move them upwards and backward in order to open the chest. Also the forward bending asanas aim at opening the chest. There are only a few asanas with rounded back, but they exist. I am not so convinced of the position of the foot. Next time I will be conscious if I use the bandhas. To do self-studies via pictures is really helpful.

The body felt flexible today, which astonished me, but it was so. It was a stisfying start of my yoga week. Tomorrow second series. I must be patient, nothing can be forced. To experience flow is more important than being able to do all the asanas. The series must be seen in their totality and not only the single asanas.
The breath and vinyasas connect the asanas. They are important as the asanas.
The breath creates the flow. Also today I tried to do the right vinyasa count.
To compare the breath (inhaling, exhaling) with the waves of the sea is still the best metaphor for me. The waves are coming in and they return and they come in, it is an endless game. Sometimes the waves come faster sometimes slower. I experience this also with the breath. I try to make inhaling equal to exhaling, but in some asanas especially the twists my breath is not as deep as in "simple" forward bending asanas like paschimottanasana. Nevertheless inhaling and exhaling can have the same length.

10 min I was in savasana.

Time to have breakfast. Hahahahhaha.

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