Friday, February 19, 2010

Last minute

My dear friends from India R and M have not forgotten our plans that came up when we were in India together. We wanted to meet in NY in May. Now I was asked if I can join and if I will come. To write "no" was very difficult this morning. My financial situation must change first. Perhaps this has happened till May. But this would be a last minute change re my situation. But if this happened, I will buy a last minute ticket to meet my friends from India and Australia.
I have another so exciting motivation to work on my book!!!!!!

I sit here and oh a sentence from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe comes into my mind: Two souls are living in my breast.......
But no, I am a down to earth woman, realistic. Too much spending money lately has happened.
My plan for today and I'm highly motivated: Mysore class first, coffee or lunch with E (not my E, but a yogini) afterwards. Then I will work on my book. In the evening dinner with my E.

Oh my I feel full of energy.

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