Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's early...

E had to get up early today. He is already on his way to the airport. England, London is the destination. I woke up, too and here I sit now like every morning with my black coffee next to me.
E had send me again an article about data privacy: I do not have privacy anymore when I am in groups like facebook, this seems to be the agreed opinion. My online fingerprint is unique (like myself, like everybody, hahahahaha). And me in addition with my blogging, I mean, I only write about private topics, I tell a lot of myself on a daily basis. Am I a target for criminals now? One thing surely bothers me. Since a few months I get every day anonymous comments that link to sides I don't want to publish. Some comments are in languages I cannot identify. Beside this it might be possible to send me the appropriate advertising: no climbing shoes, but yoga mats. This shall be fine for me. I also do not see an alternative. Shall I stop blogging, shall I delete myself from fb? I don't want to do this. The question occupies my mind, surely. Am I too open publicly? The world knows that I love to drink black coffee in the morning, this is fine, there are a lot of black coffee lovers in this world. It's not criminal either. I'm conscious that I reveal much more from myself. I always think: I am not important. And again, what is the alternative?

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Anna said...

I just don't want to get involved with Facebook because I don't need to be tagged by corporate America even more than I am already. I read once that everything written on Facebook is Facebook's property and out there in cyber space forever. 350 million people putting all their details out there. And for what? I, personally, just don't understand it.