Friday, February 12, 2010

It had to be red today

I needed energy. That's why I dressed myself red. At the end of the week my body is no more so strong. I practiced primary in a led class yesterday in the evening, slept and in the morning I got up again only to go to a Mysore class. My body feels this.
The first surya namaskara A was stiff, my fingertips scarcely touched the floor. But quickly I became flexible. The cold weather tightens the body. I started my practice with cold hands and cold feet. The room was very warm (as always), this is really a luxury. Simply practice, I thought.

Virabadrasana: Once I got the right adjustment and since then I know how to do this pose (so many practice it simply sloppy, not knowing anything about this pose). It is not only the position of the hips that needed to be correct. These standing poses are designed to develop strength. M once held my hips and I was supposed to press my body (the hips) against this hand. I was grounded at once. I realized at once which muscles I had to use to be stable in that pose. Make someone give you this adjustment, it improves this asana 90%. To have the right hip position takes longer.

Marichyasana A: I bow forward, nevertheless it is a chest opening pose. When the one hand can easily hold the wrist of the other hand the next step is to stretch the arms and to pull them upwards. This helps to open the chest.

Strong legs and the hollow of the knees: Also when practicing the sitting asanas the legs are supposed to be strong. This activity of the leg muscles bring the legs and feet in the correct alignment. For me the picture helps to bring the hollow of the knees of the stretched leg down to the floor. That way I use my leg muscles, but I do not cramp my leg muscles.

Ok, ok, ok, there are so many things to consider. My mind is busy with my body and my breath when I practice.......

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