Friday, February 12, 2010

An intensive yoga week is soon over....

The snow does not bondage me on my sofa. I will go out. Last Mysore class for this week is on the schedule. And then my body needs a day off.
I am convinced: to move the body, my body 90 min every day is really not too much. Our life styles became sitting life styles, but the body loves to move. Let's move.

One of the British designers committed suicide with only 40 years old. This always shocks because there is still the pattern in my mind: successful people are happy. But the circumstances in which we live needn't necessarily influence our thoughts. Couldn't he see that everything is only a story? Couldn't he make the story only a bit brighter, nicer? Obviously not.

How I view the world is not the world. It is easy forgotten. Even our senses cheat. A dog i.e. smells much more than human beings do, but the eyes are worse. Is the dogs world the true world or is how we perceive the world the true world? Consciousness is all there is, the "enlightened" gurus tell us.
When not so uplifting thoughts come up, I tell myself: It's a story, only a story. Does this help me? I don't know, because I do not know how I would feel if I wouldn't think so. Each story becomes boring after a while (sometimes it takes some time), might it be a sad story or a funny one. Then the mind produces new stories. It is endless. There is no end of this entertainment.
Yoga: time to exercise the mind to focus, time to exercise to calm the mind, to stop producing one story after the other for a while. Inhaling, exhaling, also off the mat. Focus will be the dristi, my bandhas, a relaxed face when I practice yoga today.
(No, I don't want to walk around not thinking/dreaming at all anymore, also the thinking mind is wonderful. Not to confuse the thoughts with reality is it. But what do I have to say: Nothing!!! What a relief, isn't it!?! Live goes on also without me being active. Thoughts will come up, too.)

Time to wake up my bf with a few kisses.


Anna said...

Alexander McQueen, RIP.
I found one of his dresses in a charity shop once - an incredible find. It was grey and had a couple of small moth holes in it. I bought it but I was a little too fat for it and I gave it away. I sort of wish I had it today...

Ursula said...

Oh, sometimes it happens that we miss something that we have discarded. In most cases it is better to let go.


Anna said...

"to stop producing one story after another" - thanks Ursula I needed that today. Difficulties dealing with landlord: emotional responses. Useless toxic energy... And never the truth of what's happening anyway.

Ursula said...

You are welcome. Hope the imagined and real "problems" dissolve...:)