Saturday, February 20, 2010

I woke up without alarm clock.....:)

Today is my yoga free day and I respect this. This is traditional. But for the time being it makes sense to me to respect a day off because my yoga during the week is very intensive.

I will do pranayama. M realized that my inhaling is still a bit shorter than the exhaling. 5 min I will exercise simply uddyaj breathing. To isolate the breath from the movements makes it easier to improve it.
Then I will do alternate nostril breathing how I've learned it in India from my pranayama teacher: 12 rounds will be enough.


Kaivalya said...

Some might argue that your day is not 'yoga free' but 'asana free' because you're devoting time to the practice of Pranayama.

My Saturdays are 'astanga free' - I use my yoga time to practice another style of yoga for fun.

Ursula said...

That's perfect.....:)