Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I want to have problems, big and better problems

Oh Richard!!! He is great and entertaining. Yes I want problems, big ones. Not these small ones:

I quote from page 38 (Richard Bandler, Trance-formation): "Often I listen to clients and think: "What a sad little problem. They need something bigger and better.""

How about that problem: Can I prove that it is possible to make more money than I did as an employee with less work within a year with only one book???? hahahahah. I have a new approach. That's my new "problem", shall it bother me, every day.....:)


(0v0) said...


Such a fun book!

Ursula said...

Fun too, not only.

How to use the mind, that's Richards topic for decades.

I was so lucky to meet him in person in Switzerland decades ago. He offered a workshop - NLP. His methods are simply the best.

(0v0) said...


Yes, he's brilliant.

Ursula said...

Yes,he is brilliant, a genius.

I don't know how often I got back to his book during my life times.

He is practical, very smart AND entertaining.
I can recommend every single book by him. :)