Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I slept soooooo deeply

...and it was sooooo good. Yes, my yoga is intensive. The body needs to rest afterwards. As long as I have time to take a nap in the afternoon I do it.
I have 5 hours to be prolific. And I don't want to work longer. So there is enough time left even today.
I don't watch TV in the evening, I can do something better. Yesterday I watched a bit TV together with E. They were searching a singer for Oslo. Yes, it was nice, but not important. I knitted my second sock, while I was watching.
I feel cold, the weather is wet and cold now, the snow has almost disappeared. I'm sipping my Earl Grey tea. It shall warm me.

Tomorrow morning I will practice yoga at home. In the evening I'll go to a led class. Hahahahaha.

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