Monday, February 22, 2010

I need another passion.....

I need another passion next to Ashtanga yoga, something that makes my heart blood running. Ashtanga yoga is for my health, it's my play time. I need a passion that brings me money. Tomorrow I will work seriously again on my book. I must finish this project. And I will.
I need another addiction.
Schedule for tomorrow: At 12 my yoga practice must be finished. Then I will go to my office again. It's easier for me to work outside my home.


Claudia said...

you smoke? really?

I was just thinking the same thing about another passion, have started looking for sports, I find that the more I focus on yoga the less I want to do anything else... not good

Ursula said...

Hahahaha, I don't smoke (anymore). I expected this question, but I didn't like to answer it before it was ask.
No, I need little accessories for my self-pictures.
It's true, every year once or twice the feeling comes up: Now the situation is good for a cigarette. But I don't smoke. I will even throw away the cigarette that you see on the picture.

Claudia said...

I kind of guessed but decided to ask anyway... and now you have a cigar!! funny!