Saturday, February 06, 2010

I fear I've lost my star sapphire

I fear I've lost my star sapphire, this beautiful ring that I bought during my first Indian trip. One ear ring is missing and this ring. Perhaps I lost it when I cleaned out my hand bag? Perhaps these two precious jewelery pieces were hidden among my tissues and I threw both away with all the other garbage. OMG. This makes me sad. This ring was so much joy for me, each time I wore it. How can I be so inattentive!!!

I cannot find it anymore, and I looked everywhere now several times. Oh no.


Anna said...

I hate that feeling in the pit of the stomach as you realise you've lost something precious. I left a blue ring in the washroom of an Indian hotel - my Mum had bought it for me a few years before she died. I went back an hour later but it was gone :-(

Ursula said...

Only things, yes, but some things are important......

Decades ago, a handbag was stolen in France, this handbag is still in my mind....and this Indian ring was so symbolic.
...and if your ring was from your Mum I know that you wish you still had it.
Nothing is for eternity.

Arturo said...

hi Ursula
i'm sorry you misplaced the jewelry. if you did not accidentally throw it out with the garbage, i hope you find it.

my mom lost a saphire ring but it was to stealing. we where living in Texas. back in PR, she could leave jewelry around her room and it would never be stolen but in Texas, the maids, who were two sisters, picked up the ring.

speaking of being a bit careless, i lost a buddhist bracelet last week when i went for a massage. they did not have it for me when i returned yesterday. i can replace it, but they cost twice as much in the city here than when you buy them in temples in remote areas.


Ursula said...

Hi Arture,
some belongings are simply precious to us.
Gone is gone.....:(
cheers Ursula