Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home practices are also self-studying opportunities

OK, I practiced, I stepped on my mat and my body was already rather flexible as it was rather late.
Nevertheless: almost all the asanas of the second series are a challenge.
Pashasana is lost. My fingers only touch nowadays, if at all. Touching only happened when I tried the pose the second time. Only with adjustments I can hook. I was much further here, some poses are obviously volatile.
Kapotasana: I dropped back while on my knees. It is important to keep the legs parallel to learn it the safe way. It is the same when practicing urdhva dhanurasana. The pose aims at opening the hips and the chest, the back. Next time I will use a strap to guarantee parallel legs. I tried to bring my hands closer to my legs. I pushed my ankles against the floor and engaged my leg muscles, pushed the hips forward. Give me 2 more years and my finger tips will touch the toes, I thought. But progress comes in batches. I am curious how long it will finally last. I arched back and tried to hold the position while I breathed deeply in and out. More couldn't be done.
Karandavasana: I did headstand and folded the legs into lotus pose. I did it very close to my wardrobe for safety reasons. Then I opened my hands and put them flat on the floor and lifted the head. All this was possible. I could hold the pose and then it happened: I fell backwards against the wardrobe with much noise. My neck was not convinced about it, but no injuries happened. Yes, I was a bit shocked and thought: enough for today. To do this pose close to a wardrobe or wall is a possibility to exercise this asana alone.
Mayurasana: M showed me a method how to approach this pose, I must take a picture. Next time.
Nakrasana: No, thank you. I omitted this jumping.
I was glad that I didn't spoil my practice with taking pictures. Not so many breaks happened. This is important for me, to have focus, not to be distracted so easily.

I relaxed in savasana for 5 min. :)
Next time it shall be 10 min again, 10 long min.

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