Thursday, February 04, 2010

Flexibility of the mind

Another possible title could be: my thighs, OMG, my thighs.

M didn't appear, he got lost in the galaxy this evening. But S was there and she is a yoga teacher as well. She offered to give a yoga class if M wouldn't come. She teaches vinyasa flow yoga. Oh my, me and another Ashtangi were reluctant and reflecting to come next Thursday again. I am very glad that we stayed. It is good to exercise flexibility of the mind, it is good to do from time to time something new. And S is a very good teacher. It was a wonderful class. I realized how difficult it is for the body to do unknown routines. I felt my thighs, I need more strength I realized.

Picture: The entrance of one of the yoga studios in Munich.


Anna said...

Oh, the yoga studio looks so inviting there - quite pretty.

Ursula said...

We have pretty yoga studios here in Munich - now you have another reason to spend some time here...:)