Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was surprised, but also entertained and amused when I heard the word extreme in combination to my eating habits. It makes me laugh.
And I insist: If someone has a life style that makes the body ill (high blood pressure, too fat to move easily) this is an extreme life style.
If I have a life style (eating no animal products or at least as less as possible) that keeps me healthy, then this is not extreme. and my extreme life.....hahahaha.
It also made me laugh that our friends didn't like to be 50. I was the fittest, but nobody wants to be in my shoes. Nobody envies me and everybody fears never to get a job with 50 anymore. I admit this doesn't leave me untouched. I try to push away those fears, they serve for nothing. Time to write my journal, my mat is waiting for me, too.
Life happens. I feel less and less responsible for my life, hahahahaha.


Anna said...

Ursula -take no notice of anything these people tell you or think of you. You are on your own path and doing well. You know that waged labour is only one dimension of life - that you have other avenues to explore. Most people are on an unhappy tread-mill of working to earn money to buy more and more useless crap. You have stepped off to look at the world with different eyes. That takes insight and courage! In fact, it is you who has the most firm grasp on reality. Remember: it is none of your business what people think of you. Also, because you are taking responsibility for your own health, you still have another 50 years of living to do! So there!

Ursula said...

Thank you Anna, I'm touched, but you are right.

I needed a day to recover from this pessimism. I'm back on track. I will also write about this, might these experiences be useful for someone who wants to do similar things like me.

No, this cannot hold me back. Thank you again for your uplifting words. :)