Sunday, February 21, 2010

Excellent practice this morning

"I grow older not progressively but in sudden huge steps", said the woman in the Greece restaurant lately.
I thought: Exactly like I progress in yoga. Nothing moves and suddenly a huge step forward can be felt. Oh, I don't want to be insolent. She was a good looking woman in her 60s, she smiled and was looking forward to become a grandma. No, her daughter was not yet pregnant, but it was obvious that the young couple was working on it. It was a funny night for all of us.

I distract: I had such a focused practice this morning. I only left twice my mat: Once after the standing sequence, but I returned quickly. The second time I made my bf doing navasana with me. I had to pick him up from the bed. Oh my, this is hard work, he is so reluctant to do something for his abdomen. I don't give up so quickly (hahahahaha) and afterwards he is happy (I hope so).
I did some additional asanas like hanumanasana (was great today), and eka pada sirsasana. I think kurmasana and supta kurmasana need still some energy, some additional attention and developement. When I do not do breaks during my practice the body remains warm and therefore flexible till the end. Before sirsasana I practiced handstand and pincha mayurasana. Pincha mayurasana I tried without block and strap. My arms and hands didn't move when I went up. This IS progress. But I used a strap when I did urdhva dhanurasana. The front side of the hips must open and lengthen. I didn't like to make it easy for me today.
I think my body is prepared now for an intensive second series tomorrow morning.

10 min I relaxed under my soft brown blanket. It's important for me to do this conscious relaxation at the end.

That I will prepare dinner for us at home is good, too. This guarantees that I either loose weight or that I stay the same, but I usually don't gain wait how it is when we eat in restaurants.
Time to go out for a walk. It's either the English Garden or the Nymphenburger Castle where we want to walk.

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