Monday, February 15, 2010

Do I still remember my yoga goals for 2010???

I think yes!
I want to be able to practice first and second series relatively fluently. There is a lot to learn in the first series, but the second series is rather new to me and needs the most energy. To keep up a daily practice is the only way to learn all the asanas and to combine it with the vinyasas. In my case I need patience as the body learns slowly, but progress can be experienced (not every day,......).
Another thought comes up too: To dedicate 3 hours (including commuting time and blogging and chatting with yogis) of every day to my yoga practice shall be enough. There are other things in life that pleases me, too. Do it and then let go, I think. It needn't be that yoga occupies my mind all the time. What was, what will come next, how to improve this pose, how to improve the vinyasas, the breath are all interesting questions. But enough is enough. And yoga has enough room in my life now.


rhh said...

You wrote: "To dedicate 3 hours of every day to my yoga practice shall be enough."

This is why I'm an eternal beginner. One hour is my max, and 30 minutes is the norm.

Ursula said...

Oh, I see myself also as a beginner, perhaps an advanced beginner.

3 hour is with commuting time.

If you really practice 30 min every day you will advance!!!
If you practice less than 3 times a week it will be difficult to see progress.

Happy practices. 30 min is great.

Gabriella said...

Thanks for this posting, it is hard to find the right balance between my love for yoga and the other things I love in life as well. But at least a class a day is a non-negotiable for me. I just started my own blog where I talk about hot yoga, would love for you to check it out as it develops.

Ursula said...

Hi Gabriella,
It is wonderful when you can manage it to practice once a day. Don't give it up.

I wish you much fun with your blog. I saw that you just started.

Good hot practices

shilpaworld said...

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Jason Stewart said...

Wow..3 hours a day is a lot. I'm dedicated to sharing and linking knowledge about Yoga. Maybe you'll find something interesting on my blog too...

Good Luck!