Saturday, February 06, 2010

A coconut kiss and a dark beer please

Good morning. We were out yesterday at night. There are a couple of bars here in walking distance. It was the Mexican bar where we finally had our drink, mine was a non-alcoholic. E and me looked around and we realized that we were the oldest guests there by far. Neither E nor me could have afforded such an evening with food and drinks in such a rather expensive bar/restaurant like these youngsters when we had their age. My fun those days was to practice karate and later Aikido. With E I got to know what it is to have a restaurant life, too. E loves to eat out, but he also loves what I cook. In London was best weather, I learned. Soon we went home again, the bar became crowded. I was in bed before midnight.
Today is my yoga free day. I should respect this. I can start again tomorrow with primary. It is also an exercise to take a break from time to time. If I practice today or not won't improve my yoga that much. A few sun salutations and pranayama could be something good.

Oh, today is marathon cleaning day.
I will also cook something. We want to decapitate a bottle of red wine.

Oh yes, it is "The lovely bones" by Alice Sebold that he bought for me in London. It seems to be a very touching novel a page turner so to say.


Anna said...

I didn't like the Lovely Bones. It was very disturbing I thought: not life-enhancing.

Ursula said...

He was thinking about me, this is what is so nice, even though he was on a busy business trip.
I don't think that I will have time to read it now. You know, I must write my book.......:)

Anna said...

Yes you must! I am waiting!
Still trying to be a permanent vegan. It's such a good diet for me but from time to time the old cow's milk monster rears its ugly head.

Ursula said...

It is not easy, but there is no alternative to a vegan life style.